Top 10 Valentine’s Day Traditions around the World

Valentine’s Day Continues to mesmerize people all across the globe. It has a global appeal making it the most celebrated occasion during spring season. Whether you live in Asia,  Europe or even South Africa, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in several traditions varying from one country to another.

The exchange of beautiful flowers is the common scene that you may come across on this day, but in various countries the day symbolizes several other things as well. No matter where you are; don’t miss to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day on 14th February, 2016. It is probably the only occasion which globally celebrates the relevance of love in our life.

Here is the list of Valentine’s Day traditions throughout the globe;

1) Brazil: People of this country are not much big fans of celebrating the Valentine’s Day. Rather, the Brazilian love to celebrate Dia dos Namorados (lovers’ Day) on June 12th which is the Brazilian equivalent of V-day. The exchange of costly gifts, chocolates and flowers among couples and friends continues here from morning to night.

2) France: The country is globally famous for its capital Paris, which is considered as the city of love. You can never have such a big celebration of Valentine’s day elsewhere that you have here. However, the old French tradition of valentines day is considered as the rigid one. During those days men had the freedom to choose their female mate through Loterie d’amour’. But, men often dumped women after a few days if they couldn’t find their right mate. Following this, the women would make bonfire and burnt the pictures of those males. Considering the irrational method of selecting one’s life partner the French government had abandoned this tradition and officially banned it.

3) Denmark: Believe it or not, but the country is known for celebrating the day in unique manner. More than the chocolates or roses, people here prefer to gift fresh and mesmerizing Snowdrops flowers to each other. There is also a tradition that men send joking letters to girls called gaekkebrev anonymously. Then she has to identify the sender.

4) Taiwan: The country follows a different tradition in which roses speak louder than words. When you give 108 roses to your loved one it means “will You marry me?, but when you give 1 rose to her or him it means “you are the only love” and finally, when you give 99 roses to your sweetheart it means “you are my love forever”.

5) South Korea: This country celebrates Valentine’s Day twice a year; 1st on February 14th and then again on March 14th also called white day. On February 14th, girls give lots of presents to their soul-mates, while on March 14th male offer a lots of gifts to their sweethearts. 

6) China: The Chinese version of Valentine’s Day is called Qixi. On this day women offer delicious fruits such as melons and other fruits to Zhinu, the Chinese mythological princess, with a hope to get a good and caring husband. Married couples visit temples during night to pray for happiness and prosperity. 

7) England: On Valentine’s Day eve, English women put 5 bay leaves on their pillows with the hope of getting a glimpse of their future husband in dream. 

8) Japan: Japanese women offer Giri Choco to every male they come across to as a goodwill gesture on this day. It can be anyone; your friend, boss, colleague or even a stranger. However, in order to show her romantic feelings the girl has to give Giri Choco along with a handmade gift as well to her beloved one. Boys have to complement the same on 14th March with a beautiful present including chocolates, flowers and other gifts to their girls friends. 

9) Philippines: On this day, As per the tradition of Valentines day, several people get married with the hope of having a blessed marital life. Hence mass wedding ceremonies are very common in Philippines. 

10) Italy: The occasion is celebrated in a grandeur style on this day. Girls and boys enjoy music, poetry and good books together. According to old tradition the girls would wake up before dawn, and the sight of the first man they come across will become her husband within a year.

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Singles

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and you must be feeling worry because you are single. But you don’t need to feel ashamed or worry for it. Being single or unmarried doesn’t mean you should refrain from celebrating the day; instead you should try these unique ideas to turn your Valentine’s Day into a grand occasion.

A bachelor or bachelorette often sums up their life as “single and ready to mingle,” which actually refers to their mindset of not enjoying their singlehood. Honestly speaking, most of the singles feel that way.

Let this Valentine’s Day be different, let it be the life changing one; enjoy your bachelorhood more without worrying about future.

1) Spend Time At Spa: You can straightaway reach a reputed spa on the morning of Valentine’s Day and enjoy spending few quality times with yourself. After various spa treatments and mesmerizing head and body massage you will feel a lot more rejuvenated and relaxed.

2) Anti-Valentine’s Day Party: Well, some people believe in throwing this type of party. It is basically a party to celebrate your break-ups and bachelorhood. Sometimes two people just can’t stay together resulting in break ups. This day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your singlehood with a determination to move on in life.

3) Love Your Parents: The first love you have ever felt is your parent’s love, because they brought you to this beautiful world. Dedicate this Valentine’s Day for your parents. Take them to a beautiful restaurant or park if possible. Believe me; those big smiles on their faces will make your heart filled with joy.

4) The Day for Friends: Well, I know friendship day is celebrated in the month of August, but to make your Valentine’s Day special, you can relish the day with your best buddies. By doing so you won’t feel yourself single anymore.

5) Social Service and Charitable Activity: On Valentine’s Day you get complete 24-hours to bring change in someone’s life. Don’t miss it. A single step from your side could improve another person’s life. For example; you can distribute food to poor people on this day or share some selfies with them to make them feel wanted.

6) Play With your pets: Be it your pet kitten, Puppy or rabbit they would feel happy when you enjoy some special moments with them. Frankly speaking, your pets are the loveliest creatures and they deserve your love too.

7) Greet Unknown People Strangers: Always remember to behave politely with everyone you come across, because everyone’s life is a roller coaster. Nobody has got a life without any tension. In fact, everyone has to battle it out against the life’s challenges and odds.

8) Travel: Unleash yourself into the world of unknown. Everyone craves for a destination where they wish to visit at least one’s on their lifetime. Let this Valentine’s Day be the most special for you. Simply choose your favorite destination and reach the spot on this day. I am sure you will love it.

9) Eat Good Food: Don’t forget to eat good food on Valentine’s Day. There is a simple logic behind it that until you love yourself fully how can you love others? Don’t view your bachelor hood as curse, go on and taste few of the excellent dishes on this day. It satisfies your heart to the fullest.

10) Read Good Books: It is often said that books are the man’s best friends and on Valentine’s Day don’t miss reading good novels to spend the day in a unique manner. Books will not only enlighten you with various facts, but it helps you overcome your loneliness too.




How to Say I Love You without Uttering A Word

Well, you are waiting for the upcoming Valentines’ Day as much as anyone else is doing. This is the day to propose your loved one with a bouquet of flowers and spectacular gifts. But the point here is that traditional method of proposing sounds cliché. Why not try something different this time?

It would be a brilliant idea for sure. It’s awesome in itself to convince someone that you love him or her without saying I Love You. Here are top 10 ways of saying I Love You; I mean that’s what your heart would be saying instead, while you retain a big smile on your face with no word from your mouth.

1) Remembering the D-Day: It’s always a great feeling to receive good wishes from the ones with whom we are closely attached on special day. Don’t let the opportunity of wishing your soul mate first on the important days of his life. Whether you are married or unmarried this trick is certainly useful. For example; you can wish your girlfriend on her birthday just when the clock strikes 12’o clock.

2) Gifts and Surprises: There is always something to gift to your sweetheart. After a hard day’s work you should pick something for your loved one. This could actually be anything; a pen, book, novel, burger, pizza, delicious doughnuts, Film DVDs or a gadget. Let it be surprise and keep the gift at his or her doorstep. When the surprise will be revealed both of you feel more love for each other.

3) Greetings Card: A true love doesn’t need reason. You can just keep sending each other greetings to take your relationship to a newer height. Each day you spend together is in fact a beautiful present in your life. Don’t miss the occasion. It would be more magnificent if you put some mesmerizing pictures on it.

4) Dedicate Lyrics for Each Other: We are well aware about the dictum, “a touch of love makes everyone a poet, why miss the opportunity? Keep writing love lyrics considering him or her as your muse! Believe me; when you speak about it to your loved one it will certainly fill both of your hearts with love.

5) Cooking Special Dish: It might be difficult idea for the ones who don’t know cooking, but offering a cooked dish with your own hands to your sweetheart and adding that essential element of love is very enthralling. No doubt, you are not a chef, but that effort and dedication is enough to make your partner swoon over your affectionate demeanor.

6) Be attentive: It is always a pleasure to converse in a sweet and loving manner with your loved one at relaxing time. Rather than irritating someone with frequent calls during working hours, you can alternatively talk in length with your loved one when he or she is free. Don’t forget to say I will wait for you rather than the clichés like I Love You, Good Night, Sweet dream, etc.

7) Compliment: Someone has said it right that complementing your beloved one with good and honest words is far more valuable than gold. Never forget to complement your soulmate with mesmerizing words in whatever way possible. This exchange of compliment must move from both sides.

8) Blissful Body Language: Never forget to offer those gentle touches that make him or her feel special. Also whenever you get an opportunity hug each other closely, because it is the best thing to do in love.

9) Shyness in Eye: Every time you talk to her or him let eyes do all the talk because it’s a far more special way to say I love you with eyes than the mouth. Stare at him or her in such a manner that your eyes reveal what your heart wants to speak.

10) Wall papers and Ringtones: Set your wallpaper to a picture of your loved one and change your ringtone to a romantic song. When two of you meet let the ringtone play and show your beloved one the wallpapers that you stored on the handset. Obviously this is one of the best ways to say I Love You using such a simple gesture.

How to Make Your First Date Special

So, this Valentine’s Day is the most significant day of your life, as you are ready to go on your first date with your beloved one. Obviously, those butterflies in the stomach and the visuals of sun, moon and stars are not letting you sleep. Don’t worry, it’s quite natural.

You have kept the romantic feeling deeper inside the heart for the last so many days and now is the time to reveal those special feelings to your soul mate. But people often end up making their first date a disastrous one out of too much excitement and confusion. So it is advisable to keep your emotions under control.

Here is the list of Top 10 things to consider for making your romantic date special.

1) Proper Location: It is important that you celebrate your first date at an exotic location. You can choose a fantastic restaurant for that purpose. If you manage to have candle-light dinner then it would be awesome.

2) Manners: Always follow the manners. You should come on time at the venue. Even late for a few minutes can completely spoil the mood of your partner. The mutual exchange of gifts between the couple is also a well known trend on this day.

3) Rules for Boys: It’s your responsibility to take your soul mate to the venue by car ride. You should also be well groomed. Preferably, a man should wear light-colored shirt and dark pant with an attractive tie and well combed hair.

4) Rules for Girls: You should don a stunning outfit on the day of date, preferably a long white gown or a mesmerizing clean top and skirt. Use light make up because heavy makeup could just hide your inner beauty. Be on time and don’t forget to keep that charming smile with yourself as you go on to experience the first date of your life.

5) Conversation: When you are on your first date always make sure that both of you carry a sweet conversation that goes on and on. Certain topics such as Politics, Sex, Past Relationship and your work are strict no-no on this day. Instead you can enjoy listening to each other’s song, talk about each other’s hobbies, your likes and dislikes and so on.

6) Complements: It is well known that complements are never enough for girls, but the boy must complement her girl with flowery words instead of using the same repeated words such as beautiful, lovely, etc. You can use the words such as adorable, appealing, and astonishing. From view points of girls, she must avoid saying harsh words to her partner particularly that relate to his job and income.

7) Dance: This is the moment. Live it fully. Once your dinner is complete, the boy should lend his hand forward and ask her girl to dance. You should enjoy each other’s company for the next few minutes without uttering a word. During those moments let your chant more than the mouth. Certainly, this will bring smiles on your faces.

8) Eye Contact: This has always been a subject of debates. Many people believe in not making direct eye-contact with his girl friend considering it might be out of etiquette. While a girl doesn’t stare her boyfriend’s eyes to demonstrate her shyness. However, there is no need to fear, the first date is almost like a blooming flower when your love blooms inside the heart. Hence, you should continue making eye contact with each other on your date.

9) Good Bye Kiss: At the time of saying sayonara don’t miss the moment. When you are about to say good bye simply kiss each other’s forehead and say good bye waving your hand.

10) Keep The Friendship: Whether you like each other or not after the first meet, but carry on the friendship. He or she might have failed to fulfill your expectation of him or her, but keep your friendship continues. At the end of the day, you haven’t been made for each other but still you can be each other’s best friend.

Top 10 Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days in every person’s life. This is probably the only day when you have the liberty to express your feeling and celebrate the relevance of love.

Just imagine for a moment, you and your loved one sitting on a couch together and watching some ever-enchanting romantic movies – the ones which could take you to a journey of long lasting love! It would be definitely an awesome feeling for sure.

Here is the list of evergreen romantic movies that you can watch and enjoy with your soul mate on Valentine’s Day.

1) Titanic: This film is about a heart wrenching tale of how the world’s biggest ship RMS Titanic sank despite of the belief that won’t. The way James Cameron described the ship wreckage and the romantic relationship that developed between Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo De Caprio) on the ship, is truly magnificent.

2) The notebook: An enigmatic love story with a climax in the end. The film described love affairs between Noah and Allie. With various turns and twists, both the lead characters of the story woke up to find each other dead at the end of the film. Now you have to watch the movie to figure it why and how it happened.

3) Australia: This epic romantic drama is world famous for its simple yet poignant theme. Set in the backdrop of Second World War, this film demonstrated the courage of a widower in her fight against the odds of life. The film will keep you enthralled for most of the time, and the sweet romantic relationship between Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman will keep mesmerizing you from start to end.

4) The Luckyone: This beautiful film is about the US Marine Logan who fell in love with a woman whom he doesn’t know well. Though, the woman herself lived a very confusing life yet the element of love brought both of them together.

5) The Holiday: This film revolves around three characters; Iris (Kate Winslet), Graham (Jude Law) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz). The film took an interesting turn when both the girls planned to swap each other’s house. Eventually Iris’s brother Graham fell in love with Amanda. While Iris became close with Miles. In the end, the film ends on a happy note as each of them found their true love.

6) P.S. I Love You: Released in the year 2007, this film is truly a touching tale of how a deceased husband guided her beloved wife to stay happy and move on in life in the absence of him. A marvelous script followed with the astute direction and screen play, makes it a must watch film on Valentine’s Day.

7) Valentine’s Day: This film is a collection of sweet and sour anecdotes of the lives of several individuals compiled in a single film. It’s a multi starrer film and there is not a single dull moment in it. As a bonus you will get an opportunity to have a lot of laugh by watching the film.

8) A Cindrella Story: The film is based on the life of Sam (Hillary Duff), a teenager who used to do all sort of hard work at her step mother’s house. Her life was definitely going through a difficult phase when she did friendship with a boy via emails and text messaging and suddenly her life changed.

9) No Strings Attached: Two friends who were the best friends refrained from falling in love. Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) perfectly demonstrates the feeling of love in the movie. However, the twist came in the film when both planned not to fall in love. It would be interesting to see who fall in love first.

10) Sleepless in Seattle: This story is all about Sam’s life after his wife’s death. It was through effort of his son that he was finally able to meet the beautiful Annie. They met at the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day. They fall in love with each other.

Top 10 Recipe Ideas for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, we love to visit restaurant and munch some absolutely delicious dishes with our loved ones. The same routine is followed almost everywhere. But preparing a lip-smacking recipe at home makes the occasion special on this day.

Cooking has always been considered as a special art that requires the essence of both creativity and affection. No dish can be prepared without adding these two elements. On Valentine’s Day, it is indeed a special and memorable moment when you offer a relishing and tasty dish to your soul-mate that you prepare with your own hand.

I can guarantee that these recipes will be more exotic and tastier than the ones that you enjoy at restaurants and food joints.

1) Chocolate Soufflé: This recipe can be easily prepared with cocoa, butter and eggs. It will take less than 1 hour to get it ready. Don’t forget to serve the dish with custard sauce. Your partner would definitely fall in love with the dish.

2) Love Heart Cupcakes: It is the most popular dish to celebrate the magnificence of Valentine’s Day. Put these heart-shaped cakes on a colorful plate. You will enjoy the flavor and taste of this amazing dish. It is the perfect dish to offer to your valentine on this day.

3) Cauliflower Steaks: This is an extremely yummy dish. It is one of the most delicious cauliflower recipes that you have ever come across. While preparing the dish don’t forget to add crushed ginger and cumin in it. It makes this recipe all the more special.

4) Oysters with Champagne Sauce: It takes less than a half-an-hour to complete the dish. Cream, salt, oysters and champagne are the important ingredients that you need while making it. The scrumptious oysters will melt both of your hearts.

5) Strawberry Love Heart Sponge Cakes: Cheese, Cream and fresh strawberries are the major elements that are required to make the dish. Believe me; you can easily prepare the dish at your home without any difficulty. The flavor of the strawberry and its pink color will turn you more romantic on this day.

6) Crisp Roasted Duck: If you wish to eat a delicious non-vegetarian dish on Valentine’s Day, than you can’t miss it out. It takes just a couple of hours to make this dish. A long duck or Pekin, salt and black pepper are all that you require.

7) Spaghetti Special with spinach: It is one of the dishes that fill your stomach and heart at the same time. It has high nutritional values as well. Add Meyer Lemon, Hazelnuts and Mascarpone and get a beautiful dish on this day.

8) Pappardelle with Mushrooms: When you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style, then Mushroom will be the perfect choice. Yes, Pappardelle with Mushroom makes an awesome dish. It’s healthy, delicious and unique as well.

9) Pineapple Salmon: The process to prepare this recipe is really very simple. All you need ­­­– salmon fish, pineapple juice and soya sauce. I can bet that the flavor of the salmon soaked in pineapple juice will let your taste bud feel the ecstasy, and you will feel more hungry than ever.

10) Chicken with Lemon Potatoes: It will hardly take an hour to complete the dish. It is indeed an amazing dish that is extremely popular worldwide. It will win both of your hearts as well. Basil, lemon zest and butter are some of the essential ingredients needed to make the recipe. You can definitely prepare this dish to celebrate this auspicious day in grand style.

Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love is something that stays inside everyone’s heart. Valentine’s Day is the only occasion that allows us to express our love and emotions freely on streets, restaurants and almost everywhere. However, life shouldn’t be made static and we must celebrate the occasion in a different manner each year.

1) Jewellery Showroom: You might claim this idea as weird, but just imagine that you are offering a golden ring or pendant (in heart shape) to your loved one on this auspicious day amid a lot of people. Certainly, it will make her feel special.

2) Spectacular Spa: How amazing it sounds to celebrate this day at Spa! Both of you should enter the spa together and enjoy the exotic body massage offered there. When you come out of the spa, both of you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Don’t forget to propose each other at the spa amidst soothing, calm and tranquil ambiance.

3) Romantic Long Drive: Sometimes we just need to enjoy the ride without thinking about destination. You should take a car and go out for a long drive with your soul-mate. Obviously, a long drive that goes through villages is amazing. The unpolluted atmosphere of the countryside will win your heart for sure. It is definitely one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

4) Theater: Many might think it’s strange, but it is definitely an awesome way to celebrate the occasion. Visit a nearby theater and enjoy some of the popular romantic films together. Once the film finishes just walk down to the projector and propose your loved one.

5) Museum: Definitely, celebrating Valentine’s Day in a museum is a life enriching experience. You might have rarely heard about this kind of Valentine’s Day celebration, but I can guarantee that intellectual couple will love the concept.

6) Home: We often hear the phrase that a home is where heart lies. True, there is nothing better than celebrating the occasion at home in front of your loved ones. You can decorate the home in a dazzling manner to enjoy the day better.

7) Ship: All of us love to travel by ship. The crystal clear water and a warm sunlight is all that matters. Come February 14th if you wish to experience something different this year then you can definitely choose to celebrate the Valentine’s Day on ship. In fact, many couples love to do the same every year.

8) Love Train: If you reside in Canada, then Love Train offers one of the most romantic journeys that you can enjoy with your spouse or partner on the Valentine’s Day. The 1700-Km journey from Winnipeg to Churchill will be a wonderful experience. The two day trip is full of adventure and sightseeing as the moving train passes through scenic villages and river. Don’t miss it

9) Geothermal Pool of Iceland: It is one of the most important reasons why tourists throng to Iceland round the year. Arranging a trip to Reykjavik and celebrating the Valentine’s Day at a Geo-thermal pool is certainly a memory to cherish forever. As two of you dip into the water don’t forget to chant I love you in front of a lot of visitors.

10) Exotic Restaurant: Over the last few years, there is a growing trend of celebrating the day at restaurants. People love the idea of a candle-night dinner so much that various cafes and food-joints launch several offers for couples to enjoy Valentine’s Day at these places. So, make the best of it and enjoy the day with each other.

How to Deal with a Break-Up without Hurting Your Ex

Human life is dynamic. You don’t know what will happen next. In our love life too, various complications arise from time to time. Sometimes, two good persons just can’t stay together and break-up is the only way to move forward. Just as there is no readymade formula for a happy living, similarly there is no straight forward solution to avoid break-up.

It is essential for every one of us to realize the intricacies of a relationship and keep strengthening the same. However, it is easier said than done. The complexities of a relationship is not that much simple. The focus should be to stay strong during break-up and deal with it without hurting yourself or your Ex.

1) Moments and Memory: You should immediately erase all memories that two of you have once shared. I know it’s difficult but you have to fight it out. You must throw away all the love letters and costly gifts from your room that he or she has given you – so that these don’t affect you anymore.

2) No One is Responsible: Once you decide for a break-up, then it is absolutely pointless to hold your ex responsible for it. Accept it as a bad dream and move forward. You need not call your ex again and again and hold him responsible for the break up. It will only create more confusions and tensions into the minds of both of you.

3) Family and Friends: They are the ones who know you well. Hence, you should spend more time with them. They are always ready to help you out in tough times. So you can trust them and share your pains with them.

4) Feel the Pain Alone: Most of us go through the phases of break-up at least once in our lifetime. So, you shouldn’t blame yourself nor should you keep a grudge against your ex. These things do happen in life. It is better to experience it all alone. This emotional reaction or pain does continue for months but it becomes the source of your motivation in future.

5) No More Meet: It does seem easy that two lovers stay as close friends post break-up but reality speaks something else. To be honest, if you meet your ex again and again then it will only worsen your relationship further. Certainly, your ex will now doubt about your intentions more. Even if you don’t have any such thought in your mind. You might end up being termed as a stalker.

6) Choose a Career: Every one of us has a dream to be a successful person in life. Nothing sounds better than being successful. You should start working towards fulfilling your career ambitions even when things do not move smoothly in your relationship. Remember those who stand tall after a break-up and volatile relationship is considered as true winner.

7) Being Honey Bee: You should aim to work round the clock and keep yourself busy post break-up. Honey bees are the best examples that stay busy round the clock. You should also stay busy and active round the clock, so that your mind could avoid thinking about the hardship of break-up with which you recently went through.

8) Weaving Words: Not all are born writers. You can definitely make the pen your best friend as you write all the difficult things and the sweet memory that you experienced. It will let your heart feel light. Who knows your personal true story might become all time best seller.

9) Entering into a New Relationship: Nobody is advising you to start a new relation straightway, but after a certain period of time when you feel that normalcy is slowly returning to your life then you can definitely try building a healthy and new relationship.

10) Exercises and Meditation:  A good amount of exercise and meditation is   important for everyone. This will not only keep you physically fit but help you stay calm and peaceful too. Meditation has always acted as a stress-buster so you should concentrate on one or two hours of meditation everyday to keep yourself in the best of your mind and spirit. With the power of meditation, slowly and slowly you will able to come out of the shock of break-up even if it has broken you emotionally.

Top 10 Reasons to Guess You Are In Love

“A touch of love makes everyone a poet….

Love – a word, a feeling or something more than that. It is that quintessential element without which a life is not worth living for. Everyone falls in love at least once in their lives. But, nobody can predict when it will happen.

On a fine sunny morning you may find yourself changed, feel the happiness underneath your soul feel the rhythm of your heartbeats and may wish to sing a song without caring about your voice – that’s love. It’s a wonderful feeling and words often fall short to describe how it actually feels to be in love.

1) The Conversation Goes Long: You enjoy talking to somebody for a relatively longer period of time than others. He or she might talk stupid, yet you like it – that’s love. Certainly, he or she is someone special – about whom you think round the clock.

2) Dare to Stare: We often read it in romantic stories that love begins with eyes. When you are in love you just can’t stare at him or her eyes, because you feel the shyness for just no reason at all. Your eyes might disclose about the special feelings that you have for him or her inside your heart.

3) Missing Somebody too Much: When you are missing somebody at every moment of your life, then definitely you are smitten with someone. It just feels too tedious to stay away from somebody even if that amounts to just a few hours only.

4) Non-Stop Talking About Him or Her: When you are in love with somebody, that person becomes the most important person in your life. You just keep talking about him or her with your parents, friends and everyone around you. This is what love is all about.

5) When You Count Each Moment: Time is precious especially when you feel the love is in the air. Suppose your partner is just 5-minute late on a romantic date, yet you find it annoying. Because love is made up those tiny moments, minor disputes and lovely conversations.

6) Special Outfit: Wearing a dress depending upon the choice of your partner is something that happens during love. You just want him or her to feel special about you. People often change their habits, manner and dressing patters as per the wish of their loved one.

7) So Many Questions: Love is not mere a feeling but an emotional reaction that raises the level of consciousness that you have for your partner. When you are in love you won’t mind asking too many questions about his or her personal preference. You obviously want to know if your soul-mate thinks in the same manner that you do.

8) Ready for Sacrifices: As the proverb goes – everything is just and fair in love and war. Hence, when you have that special feeling for somebody you will not refrain from making sacrifices to keep him happy. In other words, both of you must be ready to do anything for each other.

9) Being Crazy: The love is a crazy feeling and everyone encounters with the same in their lives. It is universal and it’s really very hard to escape from the touch of love. When you are in love you behave crazily; it means you just can’t concentrate on your study, food, and of course your daily routine. Rather, you keep smiling and thinking about your soul-mate all the time.

10) The Perfect Person for Me: It is the love that drives everyone crazy. When we love a person truly from the bottom of our heart, then we tend to see only the positive aspect of that person – while overlooking all the negative qualities that he or she may possess. Staying oblivious of the whole situation, we just wish to hold on to each others’ hand and begin a new life with fresh hope, zeal and enthusiasm.

Top 10 Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

“Love is just a word until someone special gives it a meaning.”

The Valentine’s Day – the day of hearts, the day of love or the day when emotions speak louder than words. It is that time of the year when couples run short of gift ideas for their partner. If you wish to present your soul-mate with an amazing gift, then I am here to help you out as I mention some of the unique and wonderful gift ideas especially for your partner in the next few paragraphs.

1) I Love You Necklace or Bracelet: What a beautiful gift to present your loved one with a piece of elegant necklace on this day! Girls will definitely love wearing the necklace with the message of I Love You engraved on it in 24kt gold. For boys, there are several bracelets available on 24kt gold. You can definitely win his heart by offering one such a dashing bracelet.

2) A Bouquet of Freshly Plucked Flowers: Now this idea might sound cliché, but believe me this gift represents ever enchanting love – the long-lasting one. Make sure the bouquet is full of vivid flowers with captivating fragrance and beauty.

3) A Romantic Date: Some gifts reverberate for a long period of time deeper inside the heart. While you may have the opportunity to gift a lot of things to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, but sometimes we just want to unleash ourselves into the world of love. Arranging a surprise romantic date with your loved one on the pious day of 14th February is indeed a great gift to make your valentine’s day more special.

4) An Engagement Ring: “I can’t Promise to fix all your problems but I can promise you won’t have to face them alone.” The couplet captures the very essence of true love. Offering an engagement ring to your loved one is the most valuable gift for both of you as it comes with a promise that both of you will stay together irrespective of how the life unfolds before you.

5) Love Diary: This is probably the most elegant and romantic gift to celebrate the occasion of love. Take few questions regarding your love life randomly and then both of you should try to figure out their answers. It offers you to spend the whole day creatively in the lap of each other.

6) Romantic Ear-Rings: Definitely, a pair of lovely and ravishing ear-rings is all that matters. The diamond or golden earrings should have romantic words engraved on it; be it LOVE, Romance or even your name. It is probably the most charming romantic gifts that a man can offer to his soul mate.

7) Special Colorful Valentines Candle: The colorful sparkling candles make the Valentines night more special. Imagine a dinner table, colorful candles and bouquet of roses all around your room. Now, in the light of these sparkling candles you can only see each other’s face; far from the madding crowd, two romantic souls talking to each other without speaking a single word.

8) Delicious Dessert: You should hold on to each other’s hands and visit an exotic restaurant to taste some delicious and lovely desserts for the first time together. Chocolates and ice-creams are too common. Let’s try something new this Valentine’s Day; Red Velvet cheese cake, Cookie canvas and Peanut butter truffles are the delicious desserts that you can indulge in this February 14th.

9) Wonderful Photo Frame: Obviously, offering a wonderful and elegant piece of photo-frame to your beloved one is indeed a great thought. If its color is golden, then the photo frame will look more attractive and charming. Over the last few centuries photo frame has remained one of the best gifts for all events and occasions.

10) Romantic Novel: Finally, if you wish to give a remarkable present to your darling, then you can definitely go for a romantic novel. This is not only a memorable valentine gift but an intellectual present as well. Be it Eric Segal’s Love Story or even Nicholas Spark’s The Notebook, these novels will mesmerize the hearts of your beloved one for sure.

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